All A-Twitter About John Waters

A couple of days ago, I sent my first Tweet. Until the Wheel of Fortune had a Tweetstakes, I hadn’t had a reason to do it. Frankly, I was amused that I had three whole followers and I hadn’t yet uttered so much a as a single Tweet.

Who were these people? Well, they weren’t people; they were companies, actually. One was, which bills itself as a, “working playground,” (whatever in blazes that might be) and they have jobs listings. Another follower is Gigsmesh, where people post what they will do in exchange for $5. Someone is actually willing to write 700 words, in English, for $5. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that $5 USD goes a lot further in their country than it does in the US.

At least I knew one of my followers, The Dagger Press, an online news site. My only question there is, how on Earth did they find me? I noticed that they follow more people than follow them. But, since I do follow them, maybe they returned the favor.

But, today, I discovered why Twitter exists.

John Waters was picked up hitchhiking in Ohio, by an indie band who Tweeted it. To me, that’s the purpose of Twitter in a nutshell, to shout something to the world. So, @herewegomagic got to utter the magic Tweet.

You know, it would’ve been an interesting turn of events had Waters been picked up by a band of indie filmmakers. Then, they could’ve had a captive audience. Sorry, that’s just how my mind works, and maybe that’s why I’m a Waters fan. I’m certain we’d hit it off, should we ever meet. Hey, Hon, it could happen.

I wish the Pope of Trash happy trails.

About Linda Childers

There's so much interesting stuff out there that just flies under the radar. Until I read about it, that is, and then I just have to share the wackiness.
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