Beary Nice

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Does a bear poop in the woods?  Well, of course he does. The surprising thing is that he also poops in my driveway.  It’s in the woods and it’s very long.

At first I didn’t realize what I was seeing.  Gee, what a big pile of berries, I thought. I knew it was scat, and I knew it wasn’t from a deer, but it sorta slipped my mind.  Just not the sort of thing I fixate on.

So,  a couple of days later I read the local online newspaper and saw that someone who lived nearby had seen what I’d seen and claimed it was from a black bear.  Since I knew a bear had been in the general area, it didn’t take long to put two and two together.

Needless to say I didn’t walk down to the mailbox after that.  I drove. Hey, it is a third of a mile.

Then, I read about the bear visiting a yard one street over from mine. That made me a bit more vigilant when I was out in my yard. After all, I do live in the woods.

So, one night after I had washed my hair, I was standing on my side porch combing it out  when I heard what sounded like a vibrating washboard behind a nearby shed at the edge of the woods.

My first instinct was to wonder what sort of creature had gotten trapped under what metal thing.  Then I realized there wasn’t any such thing near where the sound was coming from.

The night before my husband had mentioned that there was some sort of animal out in the woods making a crazy sound, like a sheep with a sore throat.

Right about then the light bulb over my head went off.

That was a bear.  Making noises.  At me!!!

And, like a flash, I was off to the internet to see if I could find out for sure exactly what sound bears make.  Sure, I found angry growls and the sounds they make in trap and mama bear being protective.  But no curious juvenile sounds.

Then, I watched this video on Youtube (and a great big Thanks! to leeandrobyn) and I felt much better about the whole situation.

You see, bears don’t see very well but they have super-sensitive noses. Plus, they aren’t cold-blooded killers bent on eating anything and everything that crosses their paths. And, they’re actually capable of being curious and playful, even if they do scare us half to death.  They aren’t really trying to do that.  At least I don’t think so, anyway. . .

Stay tuned. If I manage to snag some video, I’ll be sure to share!

(Of course, my sis-in-law said that’s what they made the Discovery Channel for.  I told her it’s more fun to live in Wild America than to watch it on TV 😉

About Linda Childers

There's so much interesting stuff out there that just flies under the radar. Until I read about it, that is, and then I just have to share the wackiness.
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2 Responses to Beary Nice

  1. Rosemarie says:

    Ha Ha but I like the Discovery Channel!

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