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 Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons Somebody in Alabama knows how to make lemonade. The kind that could help save the planet, one glass at a time. According to an article by Katherine Rodeghier, “the state dumped its obsolete voting machines a … Continue reading

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Well, I’ll Be a Monkey’s . . . Paw?

As I tend to veer off of the beaten path, this post is going to be a bit off-beat, too. Imagine that. First, I must confess to my Pinterest habit. Waaay too many of my sentences begin with, “I saw … Continue reading

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Your Guess is Better Than Mine

***UPDATE*** This gizmo is a nutcracker, and it seems for walnuts in particular. Now that that I’m looking at it, what a great idea because they can’t spin or slip out of the grip of the cracker. How cool is … Continue reading

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ERMAHGERD: Who is This Girl?

Ever since the whole ERMAHGERD meme made the rounds last year, I’ve been wondering about this girl. So, I did what any good cyber-sleuth would do: I Googled her. And, I found that I’m not the only one who was … Continue reading

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The Once and Future McKing

Just in case you don’t happen to live in the Twitterverse, someone hacked Burger King’s Twitter account. According to ABC News, 89,000 followers of Burger King were led to believe that Burger King had been bought by McDonalds and that … Continue reading

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Mama, Don’t Take my Pinterest Away (They already took my Kodachrome)

A few days ago there was an article on BuzzFeed titled, “How Pinterest is Killing Feminism.” Since I’m a big fan of all things Pinterest, I had to read the article. So, I almost made it through the first paragraph … Continue reading

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Thanks for Reading and Please “Like” Cutty’s Ark

Image credit: Readers, I know you’re out there! I checked the super-sneaky site stats, and I have no clue how you found my blog, but you did. From Russia to the UK to the US, you’re reading what I’m … Continue reading

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The .001 Percent

“Let me tell you about the very rich.  They are different from you and me.”  F. Scott Fitzgerald, from “Rich Boy,” in All the Sad Young Men. As a writer, I read just about anything I get my hands on.  … Continue reading

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All A-Twitter About John Waters

A couple of days ago, I sent my first Tweet. Until the Wheel of Fortune had a Tweetstakes, I hadn’t had a reason to do it. Frankly, I was amused that I had three whole followers and I hadn’t yet … Continue reading

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Welcome to Sassafrass Hill

Welcome to the world’s newest blog. Everyone and their grandmother has a blog. I’ll bet there’s even one about paperweights, or black licorice, or hedgehogs. Not that I have anything against any of those things. Well, except for the licorice. . . … Continue reading

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