Well, I’ll Be a Monkey’s . . . Paw?

As I tend to veer off of the beaten path, this post is going to be a bit off-beat, too. Imagine that.

First, I must confess to my Pinterest habit. Waaay too many of my sentences begin with, “I saw the coolest thing on Pinterest. . .”

Not only do I pin stuff, but I have actually made quite a few recipes that I found on the site.

But, there’s also a ton of DIY and craft-type projects that I’ve never attempted.

So, when The Pintester issued a challenge called The Pintester Movement to goad us into tackling that pin we’ve been putting off, I was totally up for it.

Because I have absolutely no craft skills whatsoever, I thought I’d try tying a Monkey’s Paw knot. They just look so darn nautical and I’ve always wanted to try making one.

How to Tie a Monkey Paw Knot thumbnail

After all, how hard could it be? (I know, famous last words akin to “Here, hold my beer . . .)

Well, I sat down with a ten-foot length of rope about as big as my little finger and took a deep breath. Sure, the instructions looked simple enough. You just wrap the rope around your hand three times . . .

GE DIGITAL CAMERA And then you wrap the rope around that in a perpendicular fashion . . .

GE DIGITAL CAMERAAnd, then you shove one end of rope up through the inside of the loops and wrap that around the other wraps, and . . . it looks exactly like a hot mess and you pull everything apart.

Fortunately, I’ve always been pretty good at untying knots!

So, I take another deep breath and try again. And, again. And, yet again.

These instructions are just not cutting it. At. All.

Off to Google I went.

Now, there’s a brand-spanking-new pin that shows how to tie this knot in a frame-by-frame view.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAAnd . . . I’m getting closer. It’s sorta starting to kinda look almost right.

Just a couple more wraps and a bit of snugging up and Shazam! a miracle occurred in step 5!

GE DIGITAL CAMERAI could have tidied it up by cutting off one end and tucking it inside before I tightened up the rope. Or, I could’ve been very traditional in the nautical way and put a rock inside of it for when I get into a bar fight with a derelict in some shady port of call.

No, seriously, sailors used to use this knot as a weapon and it was called a slungshot. I am not making this up!

So, I call my attempt a qualified success.  Granted, my patience was pretty well shot after an hour of sitting there untying knots.

Though, actually, I can’t believe my monkey’s paw (or monkey’s fist, whichever you prefer) knot turned out as well as it did. It ain’t perfect, but hey. . . I do see a new key fob in my future!

Thanks, Pintester, for giving me an extra shove!

Here’s hoping this post will inspire someone else to try tying this *&%#$ knot, or at least to step outside of their comfort zone.


About Linda Childers

There's so much interesting stuff out there that just flies under the radar. Until I read about it, that is, and then I just have to share the wackiness.
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7 Responses to Well, I’ll Be a Monkey’s . . . Paw?

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  2. Sonja Foust says:

    Wow, so cool! Had no idea that was even a thing but now I kind of want to go tie knots in shit if they’re going to look that cool. 🙂

  3. Natalie says:

    That is cute, I might need to try it. I’ll need to assemble a support group or get a drink ready though.

  4. Laura says:

    That looks super cool! But it may be a little beyond my powers of tying things together (I failed the knots badge in girl scouts)

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